The Best AIP Recipes to Be Created In My Kitchen So Far

I’m a sucker for a good, end-of-year “Best of ” list. They inspire me to read more, listen to more music, see more films. So I decided to make a list of my own. These are my favorite, kind of special AIP recipes I’ve made in the past six months of doing the Autoimmune Protocol. In general, I have a few easy go-to meals: they work for me, taste good, and are in my price range. But I like to try a new recipe every other week or so, experimenting with new ingredients and getting creative with adaptations if necessary. This “Best Of” list represents only a fraction of the many delicious-looking recipes I want to try. Despite being a “limited” diet, there are truly unlimited possibilities of delicious foods to eat. I so much appreciate the talented people who create and share their recipe ideas!

Best AIP Recipes to Be Created In My Kitchen So Far

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Beef and Butternut Stew

Beef and Butternut Stew from Autoimmune-Paleo – Slightly sweet and very satisfying. I made it with grass-fed stew beef from my favorite farmer.

Cauliflower Casserole from PaleoPorn – This tastes a lot like the cheesy potato bake that features in my family’s Christmas spread. It is AMAZING, and something I plan to make again if I ever need to bring a dish to a potluck.

Fall Harvest Mash from Multiply Delicious – Brought this to my family Christmas and it was a huge hit! Omitted nuts to make it AIP.

Me, eating Sweet Potato Ice Cream straight out of the ice cream maker.

Me, eating Sweet Potato Ice Cream straight out of the ice cream maker.

Sweet Potato Ice Cream from PaleOMG – An amazing treat, especially when first starting AIP and missing other treats. I simplified it to simply use sweet potato, coconut milk, and cinnamon, omitting nutmeg and nut topping. It quickly became a favorite of mine during the summer!

Moroccan Lamb Heart Stew from the Paleo Mom – I have to admit, I felt a little weird about eating the heart of a lamb. A farmer was literally giving them away at the farmers market one week, and I didn’t really think about it until I got home with a bag brimming with free lamb hearts, that it might be, I don’t know, a little sad. Beyond that, I had no idea what to do with it. Enter this recipe from the Paleo Mom. I omitted all the seed-based spices, and I didn’t have palm oil to use, which she says really makes the taste unique. Though the AIP version probably doesn’t taste like the original is intended, it was delicious. I loved the combination of apricots and olives with the delicious meat.

Vegan Avocado Ranch Dressing from Feed Me Rachel – Perfect way to spice up plain burgers and lettuce wraps, which I find myself eating quite a bit.

Dairy Free Banana Carob Pudding from The Tasty Alternative – This was a recent discovery when dealing with some desperate Christmas chocolate cravings. It’s hard to believe I’ve gone nearly six months without chocolate! Carob is an AIP-legal alternative, and I had a bag sitting around. I chose to not add any sweetener besides the banana and it resulted in a rich, delicious, creamy treat that totally satisfied my desire for the Dove chocolates given to me for Christmas by well-meaning family members.

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Coconut Flour Apple Crumble

Coconut Flour Apple Crumble from “And Love It Too” – I made this twice, once with my mom for my birthday dessert and once with friends. Delicious. Careful though – it has a high sugar content from the honey or maple syrup mixed in.


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